Youth Track Info

Youth Track Info

The Goals of the Youth Track:

  • Bring in innovative & interactive student leaders (age 14 - 18 years of age) to network
  • Discuss alcohol issues and lead creative, interactive problem solving round tables 
  • Learn from multiple speakers - national and local 
  • Interactive Agenda & Hands On Activity in Community


  • Maximum of 8 youth from each organization, with accompanied Chaperone. 
  • Each organization / group must have one paid adult conference registration. 
  • The paid adult and the Chaperone must be two different people. 
  • Youth and Chaperone must register. 
  • Each youth must have a waiver on file prior to July 20th, 2020. 
  • The registration system requires a specific email address for each registration.


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The 2020 NoWAC conference is proud to announce youth track travel stipends for Idaho groups,who bring 5 or more youth to attend the youth track portion of the conference.  A BIG thank you to the Idaho Office of Drug Policy for, once again, being a generous partner with our programs. 

Application information about youth travel stipends

Additional information about youth trave stipends


One of the goals of the Northwest Alcohol Conference is to also assist our nation's youth in leadership. We offer mini-grants each year to a few deserving youth organizations. 

In 2018, we were excited to offer three $500.00 Mini-Grants for Youth Guided/Directed Projects to these organizations: 

  1. Wasatch County Health Department - Governing Youth Council in Heber City, Utah 
  2. Pathway, a Program of Arbor Circle in Grand Rapids, Michigan 
  3. Upriver Youth Leadership Council in Kamiah, Idaho