Why Don't You Act My Age? Generational Team Building

One challenging aspect of coalition building and connecting with teammates is the increasing blending of multiple age groups in this arena. Rarely have we seen such a myriad of generations side by side in the field, at the office, teaching in school, or working with youth. To help law enforcement, providers, instructors, and others meet this challenge and succeed, “Why Don’t You Act My Age? Generational Team Building” was prepared for this conference. Updated to reflect the challenges of 2018, this interactive session is focused on providing attendees with both communication and generational team building skills. “Why Don’t You Act My Age?” is designed to identify the key traits of each generation in our society, including their communication and collaboration preferences. It addresses areas such as technology, perceptions of other generations, and cross-generational commonalities. Most importantly, it incorporates the unique challenges we face regarding inter-generational teamwork in alcohol and substance abuse education.

Primary course delivery methods include facilitative lecture, small and large group discussion, and group activities.  In addition, the class incorporates a cross-generational small group exercise to reinforce new skills. Built from over 20 years of experience in generational team building, "Why Don't You Act My Age?" gives students hands-on practical skill sets for cross-generational collaboration. Regardless of your own generation, this class provides skills that YOU can use!