Diane Braun

Diane Braun
Braun Couseling, LLC

Diane Braun is a licensed independent mental health and substance abuse counselor in the state of Nebraska. Diane is an active member of the Nebraska CISM team as a trainer and a therapist, a certified trainer for ICISF and a member of the Dodge County Problems Solving Court in Nebraska.

Diane has been involved in the behavioral health field since 2005. Her journey into the behavior health field started with assisting law enforcement by working with individuals who were experiencing mental health concerns and providing case management to them. She then went on to obtain her master’s degree in clinical counseling and became a licensed therapist providing services for adults with mental health, substance use or both concerns and then became a clinical supervisor for the co-occurring program. In 2019 she started her private practice with her primary focus on working with individuals who have co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance use) and have experienced trauma.

Diane enjoys working with individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system and first responders. She feels though these populations can be on opposite sides of the spectrum, there are several similarities. Both populations have a higher possibility of being exposed to trauma which most of the population does not experience. Diane believes it takes a therapist who understands trauma and the cultures to treat those individuals appropriately.