Probation Simulation

This simulation allows participants to role play a character who has recently been placed on probation. This simulation involves various tables set up around the room with different resources to help the participants navigate life. The participants are challenged by having their character attempt to accomplish the requirements and conditions of probation with tasks such as reporting to Court or the Probation Office, or obtaining services from various resources in the community such as social services, church or treatment. This simulation is split up into four weeks with each week lasting 8-15 minutes in length. Participants will utilize play money to navigate their responsibilities and may even face the consequence of going to jail. This simulation is a "walk a mile in their shoes" opportunity and is one of a kind. Participants will experience first hand what it is like to be placed on probation.

Learning Outcome #1

Be able to relate to a person on probation

Learning Outcome #2
Gain a better understanding of the challenges of probation

Learning Outcome #3
Improve problem solving skills

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