Opioids, Overdose, & Naloxone. Oh My!

While opioids, overdose, and naloxone have become buzzwords in our field, there are still people lacking the understanding of each of these. Knowing the ways in which opioids function, signs of overdose, and the ways in which Naloxone helps during an opioid overdose, can mean the difference between life and death. During this session, participants will deep dive into the brain to understand the mechanics behind opioids, overdoses, and Naloxone. They will also learn more about awareness initiatives they can implement to spread this information to others in the community.

Learning outcome #1
To recognize the importance of training & education regarding opioid, overdose, & Naloxone

Learning outcome #2
To identify the role that Opioids/Overdose/Naloxone play in your brain

Learning outcome #3
To identify initiative ideas for additional awareness

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