Reefer Sanity: Myths About Marijuana

Harnessing more than two decades of experience in policy, Dr. Sabet, 38, combines humor with science, wit with clarity, and pragmatism with inspiration in this lively presentation. This plenary talk will discuss the perils of Big Pot -- the big tobacco of our time, as Dr Kevin Sabet will argue. Dr. Sabet will go through the latest developments over the battle to legalize marijuana, and will review the latest science about the drug. Dr. Sabet’s presentation is based on his book “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana.” In his presentation he will provide an overview of the current drug policy trends in the United States, and debunk some of the most cited myths about marijuana use, for instance: marijuana is harmless and non-addictive, and legalization will solve the government’s budgetary problems. 

Dr. Sabet makes the claim that our greatest concern should be the inevitable rise of a second Big Tobacco industry, this time marketing marijuana to our children and youth. He will refer to the already arising problems in Colorado and Washington state as examples.  

His presentation concludes with an overview of our policy options, describing a smarter, science-based approach to marijuana policy that neither legalizes marijuana nor demonizes its users. You will hear more about marijuana, and more about marijuana policy, the health effects of the drug, and the current political landscape in this presentation than you likely ever have.