Navigating Your Mind

Do you want to experience Peace of Mind, Joy in Your Heart and Happiness in

Your Life? Peace, Joy, and Happiness are all possible for you. In fact, these

emotional states lie within all of us, IF we have the courage to recognize

and own our addictions that distract us from finding what we truly want in

our lives.  By navigating your mind in the direction of what truly matters,

and by releasing the fears that hold us back, you can achieve the life we



Navigating Your Mind will:


* Provide a method to understand and overcome addictions by scientific and

outcome-oriented interventions.

* Provide techniques to help past, present or future relationship problems

that drive and create addictions to avoid the emotions of these problems.

* Teach you how to let-go of old emotional pain, anger, anxiety, and fear.

* Teach you how uncover your shame of the past, give it a story and reclaim

your true-self.

* Create meaningful relationships and connections with others and especially


* Understanding and knowing how to set and keep relationship boundaries.

* Learn theory and techniques of Brain Neuroplasticity for present and future


* Experience greater peace of mind, joy in your heart and happiness in your