High on our Highways 2021-The challenge of Drug Impaired Driving and Community Supervision

In 2016, 43% of fatally injured drivers in impaired driving crashes with a known test result, tested positive for drugs, more frequently than alcohol was present. The growing number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana and the increased abuse of prescription drugs have created an increased threat to our roadways.   Given that over two thirds of our criminal justice population is drug and/or alcohol involved, probation officers and treatment providers need to understand the challenge we face with drug impaired drivers.  This interactive presentation will provide the audience up to date information on the scope of our drug impaired driving problem, the use of assessment tools to determine risk and practical evidence based sentencing, supervision and monitoring strategies to address these behaviors.


Learning Objectives

Participants will identify drug impaired driving trends and their challenges
Participants will identify how  assessment tools can help determine risk for drug impaired drivers
Participants will identify three supervision countermeasures and research based practices that jurisdictions should be using to reduce the possibility of re-offense by drug impaired drivers