Getting to Know it is More Than 'Just Say No'

Do you need current, reliable, accurate prevention curriculum on the trends of youth, but don’t want to have to create it or pay for it? The non-profit Digital Futures Initiative is the resource for your ready-made curriculum needs and it is FREE!  The evidence-based strategy lessons we have used in Colorado since 2009 are for elementary, middle and high school students as well as Parent Academy courses to educate and aid adults.  DFi up dates their courses in alcohol and drugs, digital citizenship and teen relationships twice a year to stay with current trends.  In today’s ever-changing digital age of social media and the internet children are more aware of global changes, but often with a barrage of misinformation devices provide to them in an instant.  Children are growing up talking to devices and not people leading to a lack of Emotional Intelligence (EI).  We know EI is the number one predictor of success and all our lessons center around this concept of developing a child’s ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions by utilizing practical activities in each area.  To tell a child to ‘Just Say No’ does not work with substance use, device usage or relationships, but by educating in the current trends of drug use, device interface and human interactions a person will begin to understand how ‘Getting to Know’ their emotions does affect their everyday decisions and outcomes in life.

DFi has been a research based program since 2011 utilizing 21st Century Learning practices required by most school districts.   The proven prevention tactics meet State Standards for health curriculum.  All the lessons work collectively to provide students with a tool box full of tools to be prepared for the risk factors they currently face.  Attendee’s to the DFi session will learn how this program started, how the curriculum progresses by grade level, how to become a certified teacher of the curriculum and implementing the program in your jurisdiction or school.  School Resource Officer’s or teachers can complete the self-paced Training Catalogue of topics to become a skilled instructor.  After completing the online training and assessments a certificate is produced with a link to download all the power points, videos and activities to get started on instructing in your community. Currently there are 21 ready-made lessons someone can acquire through our Train the Trainer online courses.  Instructors can pick and choose which lessons will work best for the youth and parents in their area.