A Rural Approach to Drug and Alcohol Trends, Including: Creating a Mobile Mock Room

It feels like any time we go to a conference saying it recognizes "Rural Idaho" that they never quite understand what "rural" means.  For Law Enforcement, they still have 5+ officers available at any time, and for EMS they still run paramedic units WITH an engine.  We want to talk with you about being truly rural, so rural we are actually "frontier" by definition.  Less that 5,000 in our "big towns"
This session will cover how our small town law enforcement deals with enforcement and prevention by utilizing community policing and prevention education.  Smaller areas often have access to less resources which often times means you have to get creative with what you do have access to.  We will also show you how we built and utilize our 20'x8' Mobile Mock Bedroom trailer through our Drug & Alcohol Trends Education (DATE) program.