Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) and Their Role in the Community in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) are police officers trained to identify and detect drug impairment using a systematic and standardized evaluation process. DREs complete over 100 hours of comprehensive classroom and field training to learn the skills necessary to identify persons suspected of drug and/or alcohol impairment. While the majority of their skills are used to identify and articulate impairment in suspected impaired drivers, their training and skills are also valuable in assisting the communities they serve in reducing drug and alcohol abuse and misuse. In this workshop, DREs will provide attendees with information about the DRE Program, both nationally and in Idaho, and the training necessary to become a DRE. Attendees will also learn how DRE skills are being used to identify drug and/or alcohol impaired drivers, as well as helping to educate the community on the issues of alcohol and drug abuse. Attendees will also learn about specific training courses offered by DREs that help educate school education professionals, parole and probation officers, correction officers, and employers about drug abuse and impairment.