Danielle Shuffield

Nez Perce County Sheriff

Danielle was born and raised in Cottonwood Idaho with a population of less than 1,000.  She grew up with an Emergency Services oriented lifestyle with her mom an active advanced EMT and her dad retired military and active firefighter and Chief of Police.


She graduated from Prairie High School and went on to graduate from LCSC with a Bachelors Degree in Justice Studies.

 Danielle provides drug and alcohol education and newest trend information with sponsorship from Cottonwood Police Department where she volunteers as a reserve officer.  She works full time for Nez Perce County Sheriff and in that position has personal experience with a multitude of drug and alcohol issues that we traditionally think "don't happen here".  She has also been a Firefighter for over 8 years and EMS certified for over 10 years    


Danielle created the Drug & Alcohol Trends Education (D.A.T.E) program from her High School and College senior projects.  She has been researching and presenting the information throughout Region 2 for about 10 years.  


She has been recognized by the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, Association of Idaho Cities, Upriver Youth Leadership Council, and the Northwest Alcohol Conference.  Danielle designs and presents specific classes at the request of whomever is asking for the classes.