City Ordinances as a Mechanism for Community Change

Join Terry Derden, Associate Legal Counsel for Sheriff Steve Bartlett and former Deputy City Attorney for the City of Boise, as he discusses legal strategies you can use to help reduce underage drinking, eliminate large alcohol parties, and prevent youth getting their hands on alcohol in your community.  Terry will cover criminal ordinances at the misdemeanor and infraction level, as well as civil city ordinances, business licensing and regulations all aimed to control alcohol sales and service.  Terry’s presentation draws on his years of experience as a criminal prosecutor, his service as a legal advisor for Boise Police and the Boise City Clerk.  Additionally, Terry will discuss problem solving techniques Boise Police and the City of Boise have used in interacting with local colleges and universities and review issues cities face from the perspective of the Police and City Clerk when it comes to alcohol licensing and enforcement. The presentation will end with best practices in the field and courtroom to successfully hold people accountable and create an atmosphere of buy-in for these programs for both judges and city officials.



  • Social Host and Disorderly House Ordinances
  • Possession of A False ID Card Ordinance
  • Illegal Consumption/Possession of Alcohol
  • Server Training Requirements
  • Catering Permits Scheme
  • 10 to 10 Zone Alcohol Allowed Zones
  • All You Can Drink Pricing Schemes
  • Diversion Programs and Partnerships