Bullying and its Connection to Suicide, Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

A lesson designed for law enforcement, educators, and any community oriented organization learning about the connections between bullying, drugs, and alcohol. Substance abuse and Bullying has truly been an evil epidemic for the youth in our society.  Bullying has led to many problems which lead to serious crimes, and even death.  Learning about the connections between bullying, and substance abuse will educate others to realize the severity of the problem at hand.     

Specific Objectives

The following topics will be discussed in this workshop presentation:

  • What is bullying?
  • What Do Bullying and Youth Substance Use Have in Common?
  • Bullied Teens Seek Comfort in Alcohol and Drugs
    • Drinking, Drugs, and Bullying
  • Bullying: a root cause to substance abuse
  • Bullying leads to depression and substance abuse in teens
  • Cyberbullying Can Lead to Substance Abuse, Mental Health Issues
  • Substance abuse and bullying linked
  • Bullying and Addictions
  • Bullying and the laws against it