Building Digital Culture & Awareness in Communities

The digital culture is ever-changing, fast-paced, and difficult to stay on top of due to all the nuances. Learning how to educate children, parents and communities is the primary focus of this workshop. 

This workshop will discuss the evolution of social media and how digital platforms utilize our data and human psychology to formulate our next digital move. Attendees will see how emotional intelligence, sleep habits, digital addiction and self-worth is being shaped by technology. Digital influence on emotional and social contagion theory will also be covered material.

We will finish off emotional contagion theory as the discussion will transition to the current digital trends like cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion, and human trafficking. This session will conclude with best practices to teach law enforcement, victim advocates and others how to best educate on sensitive digital topics. By coming to this session, a person will develop the skill set to combat the rising digital issues like social change and digital subcultures (examples: cancel, challenge and predatory cultures). 

The non-profit Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) was created to deliver digital life skills to students and parents in an innovative, consistent way. Lessons are designed by curating the best, most current content available in the world then compiling the material into FREE curriculum for any school, county or group. The program includes all the self-paced online training, PowerPoints, videos, presenter notes and in-class activities needed to start teaching digital citizenship courses in any community.