Brandalyn Crapo

Idaho State Police

Brandalyn was born and raised in St. Anthony, Idaho. She moved to Boise in 2009 to attend Boise State University. She was a correctional officer at the South Boise Women’s Prison for 2 years prior to being hired by the Idaho State Police in 2014. Brandalyn began her career in District 3, Boise area. Brandalyn was on the Idaho State Police DUI Team from 2016-2018, focusing on removing impaired drivers from the road. She then switched her focus after she completed a temporary assignment with the Domestic Highway Enforcement/Criminal Interdiction Team. She became full time on the team in 2018. Brandalyn has seized nearly 400 pounds of dope since she began full time interdiction. She is a certified Drug Recognition Expert, a certified Law Enforcement Phlebotomist, a Field Training Officer, a Technical Collision Investigator, and is a member of the Idaho State Police Honor Guard. She has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management with a concentration of Criminal Justice.

•       Idaho State Police Trooper since 2014

•       Started in District 3 (Boise Area)

•       DUI Team

•       Worked criminal interdiction since 2018

•       Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) team

•       Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

•       Law Enforcement Phlebotomist

•       Field Training Officer

•       Technical Collision Investigator

•       Idaho State Police Honor Guard