Alcohol, Drugs and Driving – A Deadly Combination

Alcohol, drugs and driving simply do not go together. Safe driving requires a person’s attentiveness and the ability to make quick decisions on the road, to react to changes in the environment and execute specific, often difficult maneuvers behind the wheel. After consuming alcohol, using drugs, or being distracted for any reason, driving becomes dangerous – and potentially lethal! Despite increased public awareness, consuming alcohol and using potentially driving impairment (PDI) causing drugs and driving continues. Americans know the terrible consequences of drunk driving and are becoming more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. However, the dangers of combining alcohol and PDI drugs are posing major threats to public safety. “Poly use,” “poly abuse,” and “poly-drug abuse” are terms you may not be familiar with. But simply put, they mean mixing alcohol with drugs — not just illicit drugs, but also prescription or over-the-counter drugs like some antihistamines. It’s becoming a serious problem and it’s a challenge to law enforcement and in making our roadways safer. In this presentation, you will learn about many problem drugs and how they can adversely interact with alcohol and potentate driver impairment. Attendees will also learn what is being done to address this problem nationwide and how you can assist in reversing this growing trend.