Warren Diepraam - Biography
Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office:

Warren is the chief prosecutor of the Trial Division supervising prosecutors in eleven felony and misdemeanor courts.  Additionally, Warren is the chief of the Vehicular Crimes Section.  This group of prosecutors is highly trained in crash reconstruction, field sobriety testing, and other aspects of prosecuting cases against impaired or reckless drivers who kill.  Warren also started prosecutor the state’s first callout team during his 19 year tenure with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston where he also pioneered several types of prosecutions against impaired or reckless drivers.  He was the first person in the state to successfully prosecute a habitual DWI offender for first degree murder rather than the traditional DWI homicide approach.  This case was accepted by the criminal courts and in jurisdictions across the state and has opened new methods to more harshly punish habitual drunks that kill innocent civilians.  Warren has handled more of these cases than any prosecutor in Texas.  Additionally, Warren created the "No Refusal Holiday" program in the State of Texas.  This program brings together prosecutors, police, nurses, judges, and others into one facility to process impaired drivers and obtain search warrants for those people that refuse to provide a voluntary sample.  This program has now been adopted in one form or another in most Texas counties and at least eight states across the nation.  Additionally, Warren has been voted amongst the nation’s top vehicular crimes prosecutors having recently received that award from both the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators (NAPC) and MADD.  Warren is a frequent guest or contributor on local and national media outlets including Foxnews, 60 Minutes, the BBC, Nightline, etc.

NHTSA Traffic Safety Prosecutor Fellow:

Due to his work in the field of traffic safety, Warren was selected to be NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Prosecutor Fellow in February 2008.  Warren’s duties with NHTSA and the NAPC include being a liaison between state prosecutors and NHTSA, presenting around the country at traffic safety conferences, etc.  Warren publishes a newsletter called "The Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor" which is read by about 1,000 people in the field of traffic safety.  During his tenure, Warren has made several presentations at conferences such as the International Association for Chemical Testing and Lifesavers as well as for several states including Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, etc.  Warren’s goals are to promote the No Refusal Program and Crash Fatality Callout teams and he has published numerous articles on these and other topics.

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