Thursday, July 28th - Lunch
Amy Miles, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, Forensic Toxicology - The Growing Popularity of Heroin & the Epidemic of Opioid Abuse

Thursday, July 28th - Afternoon
Chief Marco Vasquez, Erie Police Department, Erie, Colorado - Lessons Learned - Colorado’s Journey to Legalized Marijuana

Friday, July 29th - Breakfast
Justin Nordhorn, Washington State Liquor & Marijuana Control,
Director - Enforcing Recreational Marijuana Laws, A Washington State  Perspective

Friday, July 29th - Lunch
Officer Jermaine Galloway, J. Chad Professional Training,
"Tall Cop Says Stop" - Associations between
Designer Drugs:  Events, Identifiers, & Culture

Friday, July 29th - Afternoon
Steve Wright, Director of Strategic Communications, RR Partners, Salt Lake City, Utah - ParentsEmpowered.org - Utah’s Successful Efforts to Eliminate Underage Drinking

Northwest Alcohol Conference