Breakout Session Topics include:

  • Party Patrols: Proactive & Multifaceted Enforcement Strategies
  • Working with Prosecutors
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse (Adult & Teen)
  • DUI New Progressive Programs
  • Alcohol & Party Drugs: The Gateways to Abuse
  • Teen Impaired Driving Prevention Programs
  • Adverse Health Effects of Binge Drinking
  • High School and College  - Prevention to Enforcement Programs  for the Reduction of Underage Drinking
  • Social Networking Websites and Alcohol Among Our Youth
  • Mobilizing Coalitions in Your Community
  • Prevention & Enforcement of Underage Drinking in Rural Areas
  • Prevention Through Collaboration-A Community Approach
  • Rural Alcohol Enforcement Strategies Through Alcohol Enforcement Teams & Coalitions
  • Bar & Overservice Enforcement
  • The Court System and Probation Outreach Strategies
  • Youth Alcohol Prevention Programs
  • Successful Use of Media Campaigns & Partnerships to Reducing Underage Drinking 
  • Youth Leadership! Time to Mobilize
  • Parenting and Educator Programs
  • High School Based Prevention Techniques
  • Fake ID's and Server Training Programs

Northwest Alcohol Conference