Northwest Alcohol Conference

Building Capacity, Outcomes, & Sustainability through Statewide Underage Drinking Enforcement Training - Matt Smith, 13th Circuit AET Coordinator & Michelle Nienhius, AET State Coordinator, South Carolina

Build Bridges: How Communities Can Work Together through Responsible Alcohol Server Training - Patti Parker-Forbes, TIPS, Virginia

Social Media Investigations: Trends, Tools, and Trepidation - Elliot Cox, Security Analyst, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

"Sequins & Sirens" - An Initiative to Reduce Prom Season Underage Drinking - Todd Anthony, Oklahoma Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement & Brooke Mahoney,  Wichita Mountains Prevention Network, Oklahoma

There is Life after DFC or SPF SIG - Christa Shifflet, Executive Director, Warren Coalition, Virginia

Developmental Trauma Disorder: New Understanding to Old Behavior - Malcolm Horn, Rimrock Foundation, Billings, Montana

Bullying & It's Connection to Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Michael Scott, Natrona County Sheriff's Office, Casper, Wyoming

Tough Minds, Tender Hearts - PERMA in Prevention - Nigel Wrangham, University of Oregon & Ambyr Stores, Graduate Student, Portland State University

Conducting a Substance Abuse Prevention & Identification
Community Scan: "You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know" - Officer Jermaine Galloway, Tall Cop Says Stop, Boise, Idaho

It Takes a Village- Reducing DWI’s Through Collaboration with Community Resources - Mark Stodola, APPA Probation Fellow
American Probation and Parole Association/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  Arizona

City Ordinances Aimed at Reducing Underage Alcohol Consumption - Terry Derden, Boise City Attorney's Office, Boise, Idaho

Community Connections: When Town Meets Gown - Tracy Young, Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming & Emily Allen, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Developing a Comprehensive Alcohol Education Program - Lisa Scates, Alcohol Education Coordinator, Department of Revenue, Liquor Control Division & Kacey Collins, Alcohol Education Professional, Department of Revenue, Liquor Control Division, Montana

The Influence of Alcohol & Drugs on Gangs and Violence - Detective Brian Holland, Boise, Idaho

Can Media Help Reduce Drug & Alcohol Abuse? Tips on Leveraging Media to Positively Chance Substance Abuse Issues - Steve Wright, Director of Strategic Communications, RR Partners, Salt Lake City, Utah

101 on Marijuana Dabs, Wax and Oils - Jermaine Galloway, Tall Cop Says Stop, Boise, Idaho

Lawful Prescribing and the Prevention of Diversion - Shane Tiernan, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, Utah

Drugged & Impaired Driving: How'd We Get Here? - Rob Sharpe, Washington State Patrol

Additional 2016 Breakout Sessions
will be posted soon!